Replacement TV For the Family Room

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A few days ago while Dish Network was out repairing the damaged lines from the rain storms the television in my family room went haywire. Permanent garbled letters and numbers were spewed across the screen and the TV no longer responded to the power button, channel buttons or remote. You unplug the TV and it goes off, you plug it back in and it immediately powers on in its stuck haywire mode. This was a 27″ Duramax cheap TV that was bought from Walmart several years ago and I had known it was now at the end of its life.

We went to Walmart and I can’t tell you how amazed at how much LCD TV prices have come down over the years, we were able to replace our 27″ Duramax CRT TV with a Sony Bravia 32″ LCD TV and it cost less than $400 for a 32″ LCD TV. It is 720P not 1080p, but this was a secondary TV for the family room where the kids watch and I only use it to play the Wii which doesn’t support 1080p anyway. It was a great deal and I had earned enough blogging money in January to pay the TV off in full come end of February when all my blogging money pays out (Most blogging programs pay you 30 days after you do the post, so have to wait a month to actually be paid).

Still nice to know I was able to get an entire 32″ LCD Sony Bravia and pay for the whole thing with blog earnings. Feels pretty sweet!

The kids enjoy their new TV as well.

-Justin Germino

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