Waiting for New Magazines to Arrive

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One thing about ordering magazines online is it still takes 6-8+ weeks just to receive your first issue of a magazine.  This is completely absurd and I approach my 6th week waiting to receive my copy of Maximum PC and PC Gamer which I ordered through Amazon.com so long ago I nearly forgot that I ordered them.

NewspaperI don’t read very often anymore, I listen to audio books when I drive into the office, but my reading is actually done two places.  When I am in the restroom or when I am on a plane traveling.  I still manage to digest more than a daily paper and a magazine a week in my limited amount of reading time and hate finding myself with nothing to read.

I probably should get an iPad2 at some point and use that as my magazine equivalent but I still like the tactile feel of pages and being able to fold pages in magazines or papers so they can prompt me to write blog posts later.  I still think that it should be much faster when ordering a subscription to a magazine than to wait 6+ weeks to receive your first issue.

-Justin Germino

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