Writing About Nothing

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Just as you would see in the title, this is a blog post about nothing.  Nothing came to mind and I just decided to write a post with no intention of having a topic or thing to write about.  Ironically though, as I was writing about nothing I became increasingly more inspired to continue adding to this article and use it to help me brainstorm so a future post would be about something.

So when you don’t know what to write about or don’t have a topic, then don’t write about anything, just write in an editor like LiveWriter, Word or anything and just write what comes to mind.   As you write you will probably prompt yourself to flush more details out on a subject you spewed across the page and this can be a subject for a blog post.

African SchoolboyNever start with a title, the title of any article should be the last thing you create.  Write the article and then spend time crafting the perfect title to your blurb, remembering to optimize the title for SEO by using keywords that will rank better in the SERP.

So I guess this post which was originally about nothing kind of transformed into a post about how to just start writing with nothing in mind and nudge it to make it transform into a post about a subject you happened to gain interest in while you were just writing your ideas and hoping for something to stand out.

I noticed that Chris Brogan has an offering where you can pay a monthly subscription rate and you will be sent "post ideas" to give writers and bloggers ideas on what to write about.  I don’t mind that he has such an offering, but in general I think if you can’t at least come up with an idea from just writing on a page, spending time on Google Trends, read the news or something of that magnitude then why stress about writing and just take a break.  Or better yet, if you really don’t know what to write about just send out a blanket "What should I write about?" on your social networks and see what curious responses you get.

-Justin Germino

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