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After using Netflix for about a year I can conclusively say that the Instant Play of movies which streams to your TV, Laptop or other Internet streaming device is awesome.  However, the selection is limited and you can rarely find movies that are breaking new releases or even major Hollywood films less than a year old on Netflix Instant Play.

This is where having a DVD by mail system comes in, Netflix does an adequate job with the DVD by mail system but Blockbuster Total Access does it better.  Blockbuster Total Access allows you to search movies to add them to your queue faster, gets the movies 28 days sooner than Netflix, allows you to trade in your mailers in-store for instant movie exchanges (no waiting for DVD to arrive by mail) and you can even rent console games or DVD’s with the same subscription which pits it against Gamefly as well.

The Blockbuster Total Access by mail has a 2 at a time plan for $16.99 which is only slightly more expensive than Netflix but you don’t get any Instant Play.  This is why I have decided to change my Netflix plan to just Internet streaming at $7.99 and instead reactivated my Blockbuster Total Access plan at 2 at a time for $16.99.

Netflix is good, no problems with it as I think the Internet streaming will continue to get better.  Until it does however, Blockbuster has a better DVD by mail system and allows you to pick the newest titles sooner.

If you do have Netflix or you want to stream movies, then I do recommend the Roku XDS as it gives you the highest quality movie streams and works with any television.

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-Justin Germino

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