Testing VigLink For Monetizing One Site

This post contains affiliate links.

I have just started my trial run of VigLink on one of my smaller blogs to see if it earns enough passive revenue to justify continuing to use it.  For those who don’t know VigLink is a program that allows blog owners to monetize their content just by leveraging keywords normally found in blog articles and turning them into affiliate links.   VigLink will automatically find and convert matching company keywords into links that you can earn from those clicks.  Think of it like a Google AdSense but instead of banners it turns words on your post into product links where you can earn from the clicks.

VigLink is easy to install you just sign up and they give you script code that you put right before your </body> tag, this can be done by leveraging the WordPress Header Footer plugin to add the code automatically if you don’t want to modify and put it manually into your footer.php file for example.  Or you can simply install the VigLink WordPress plugin and enter the API key which can be found on your VigLink Account page.


VigLink allows just basic tuning, merely showing a slider on link frequency but not an actual number you can limit to.  You can also take care of disclosures and make sure links open in a new window if you would prefer.

If you are going to use VigLink on a WordPress blog I suggest you enter the code via the Header Footer plugin, because the VigLink plugin does not give you the option to remove or not show VigLink on certain posts.  With the Header Footer plugin, you can find this option at the bottom of each post editor and this allows you to selectively ensure that the VigLink script code won’t display on certain posts which may be specifically sponsored or pitching a product with your direct affiliate links.


VigLink is a good option as a passive earning method for bloggers who aren’t really selling their own affiliate products and just want to passively earn from writing content anyway.  If you are selling your own content or using your own affiliate links you can have conflict where VigLink is driving clicks and sales away from your own affiliate links.

Want to test VigLink without actually installing VigLink on your site?

Try VigLink Anywhere


VigLink Anywhere lets you basically take any article you find online, and wrap it around a VigLink optimized page so that when you share that article it becomes your VigLink enabled/affiliated article.  This means you earn from any of the VigLink clicks on that article no matter which article you shared.  You can even leverage this to share popular news articles and other articles you find online, it is a way you can monetize the content you normally share with your networks without actually installing any VigLinks code anywhere.

Now from what I have read VigLink works better when there are products mentioned and named in various articles it can do matching of keyword/link content better, but I will let everyone know how it plays out after a few months of testing.

Updated: May 17, 2014 — 7:23 am