Advantages of YouTube Channel Tied to a Google Plus Page

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Some people have asked why tie your YouTube channel to a Google Plus Business Page instead of a profile and there are a few reasons why you would connect and join your YouTube account to a Google Plus Business Page instead of a profile and here are some of the reasons.

The Brand Is Not Your Personal Identity

Say you have a brand or you are a company and you don’t want a single "person" to be the one tied to your YouTube channel.  Now that YouTube is connected to Google Plus for commenting, a personal profile means all comments and replies are tied to a single person.  If you are your own brand and your identity is solely tied to all your YouTube content, then it makes sense for your personal Google Plus profile to be connected to YouTube, but if you have a brand/company that at any point you can sell to someone else, then build the connection to a Google Plus Business Page instead for your YouTube and keep it separate so you can treat it separately from yourself.


You Have Multiple Contributors To Your YouTube Channel

If you run a brand or a company or even if you hire others to help contribute content to your YouTube and you don’t want them to have to keep sending you media to edit/upload, but you don’t want to give out your Google password, you can tie your YouTube to the Google Plus Business Page.  Then you can make your content contributors Page Managers, once they are Page Managers in Google Plus they can switch to become the Google Plus Page and upload video content directly to YouTube.

This lets you have multiple contributors to your YouTube channel giving them direct access to post, edit and publish the videos on your YouTube Channel without having to dedicate a single person as a point of processing.  This is how I manage the Dragon Blogger YouTube Channel and tie it to the Google Plus Page for Dragon Blogger Technology.


Your Google Plus Page Has More Followers

If you have more fans who have circled your Google Plus Page compared to your profile you may want to consider switching your YouTube video over to help take advantage of a wider audience.  Remember that all comments and alerts come in as the page so make sure you are tying the emails you want to receive email alerts setup.

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