Hearthstone Arena Challenges All Weekend

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So spent a good portion of this weekend playing Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft which is the Blizzard card game that is free to play but you get significant edges if you can buy expert packs to bolster your decks, though you can get better decks by playing and putting a lot of hours in, and I am talking a lot of hours.

The great equalizer is in the Arena, where for 150 gold you have to on the fly build your deck and compete against skill alone and try to rack up as many wins as possible.


I had quite a bit of luck with this Priest deck in Arena where I started off an underdog with 2 losses right away but picked up two wins, and then magically picked up another 2 wins to make a 4 win arena battle which was the most I had won for me.Hearthstone_Screenshot_5.26.2014.10.02.53

I had a lucky shot where I managed to get a 28/28 creature and trounce an opponent in the 5th round which was a huge win.


I was a bit disappointed however that only 3 open packs and 1 expert pack and a 30 gold and 70 gold bag, which hardly were worth the 4 wins, however I used that to purchase another Arena entry and this time a Paladin was chosen.


Alas my Paladin only scored a single win and was defeated all 3 times in the Arena, however this wasn’t before I picked up Chicken Dinner and was awarded another 300 gold which I subsequently used for another Arena entry.


So all in all I wound up playing 5 Arena entries this weekend in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and all with just gold earnings and without having to pay any money.  This netted me 5 new Expert packs, where I picked up two more epic and 2 more rare cards, destroyed my duplicates and crafted a few epic cards.  I still don’t own a single legendary card but this will come in due time.

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