Video Games with Adjustable ESRB Ratings

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There are way too many games for Xbox360 rated Mature+, Truthfully in my experience these games should have settings for parental control, too many kids want to play the games that are advertised on TV for adults like Halo 3, Dragon Age…etc and these kids are like 10 – 14, they should have a parental control to set a game to PG, PG-13, R ratings and let there be a password set by parent. This way the game could remove blood, gore, sex, language based on parental control setting. This would allow every game to satisfy an E10+ rating as long as parents load the game and put in the control lock. Granted some kids may figure out a way around it, but most would be older anyway and probably not need the parental controls.

Old PC games used to let you do video graphics settings and remove blood and such, a simple thing like showing the action without any blood or gore can really make the rating go down and not be as disturbing. ┬áThere is no reason with the technology in place today for the Playstation 3, Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii that game developers can’t add the additional programming to remove certain aspect layers from a game to make it playable by a wider audience.

My kids love to watch me game but I have to restrict what I can play in front of them because I have a hard time finding kid friendly versions of games that appeal to the role playing genre these days, I remember when all games in the RPG genre were PG or PG-13 at best, why do they feel the need to add more shock, gore and such?

There isn’t enough high quality content for the kids who want to play the older kids games, and most parents don’t care enough and just let them play it anyway.

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