Planted a New Garden

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My wife always loved keeping a vegetable and herb garden in the yard which is no easy thing to do in the blistering sun of the Arizona desert and even harder when I have a dog who loves chewing the heads off of the drip system and digging out the 1/4" tubing to chew up.

So four gardens and eight drip system rebuilds later, I think I finally have used my human intellect to thwart my dogs attempt to undermine our attempts to grow a garden.


I buried the 1/2 drip very deep, and I threaded the 1/4" tubing inside 1/2" tubing to protect it, in addition I enclosed the drip heads with a metal mesh screen so my dog can’t get to the plastic drip head itself.  He won’t bother the screen, and the only way he can destroy this landscape system is if he decides to dig it out.  He tends to tug what he can grab, but isn’t a digger so maybe this will survive his destructive tendencies.

Meanwhile we did a line of flowers in the back against the wall and planted tomato plants, bell peppers, radishes, rosemary, thyme and more.

Here’s hoping we have a decent garden in a few months.

-Justin Germino

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