Blogger or Affiliate Marketer?

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I see many bloggers talk about making money blogging and associate affiliate marketing as "blogging" which I disagree with. 


Blogging in the way I interpret it is when somebody shares their opinions, feedback, thoughts or insights on a semi regular basis to an online CMS system.  This is opinion based unlike a journalist who just reports the facts without any personal opinion playing a factor.  A blogger also engages in two way conversations with readers who interact with their blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is specifically promoting or selling products to your readers with the intention of convincing them they "need" the product and should purchase it.  You have a direct incentive to convince readers to purchase the product as you make profit based on whether you can convince them to buy it. 

Is Blogging Affiliate Marketing?

I think the two can be used hand in hand and may be similar at times, but they are not the same thing and saying you make money as a blogger when you do affiliate marketing is not the same thing in my opinion. 

How about your opinion or point of view here?  When you think of blogging and pitching affiliate products, do you see it as one and the same?

-Justin Germino

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