Vegas again for New Years

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For the second year in a row I will be ringing in the New Year in Las Vegas with some family friends of my wife and I. They have invited us up to stay in their condo and this year it will be much more low key as compared to last year where we actually partied on the Strip which was packed with hundreds of thousands of people ear to ear. We also couldn’t see any of the fireworks from the strip because the crowd was so thick and they have to launch the fireworks away from the hotels, that the strip is actually not a great place to be if you want to see the fireworks.

It is a weekend getaway with my wife while Grandma watches the kids, we will eat some good food, maybe gamble a little just for the heck of it and enjoy a few days with just adults and without children which is always a breath of fresh air, as no matter how much I love my kids, it sucks the energy out of you to be around little ones all the time. They constantly demand attention and need guidance and patience and you can really run ragged without a break every so often.

-Justin Germino

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