Wii Game Review: GhostBusters Quite a Bit of Fun

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It is funny how a movies from over two decades ago can have the same longevity with families like Ghostbusters, this new Wii game does a great job of taking you through the original movie while still treading on new ground. The game takes place five years after the original Ghostbusters and all of the original characters are there, Ray, Peter, Egon and Winston to guide the new “recruit” who is played by your character an eager Ghostbuster in training.

The game captures the feel of Ghostbusters and is far more enjoyable if you have a buddy to play with, I only played the game with my 6 year old son who was the 2nd player and helped me wrangle ghosts, destroy gargoyles and torch the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. When you fire your beams at ghosts you drain their life and have to slam them in different directions to weaken them enough to set the traps and capture them. The wrangling part is the most fun in the game and very much looks and acts like when they wrangled the spirits in the movies series.

Surprising is the voice acting in the film is done by all the original cast of Ghostbusters, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson all reprise their roles as the Ghostbusters and help guide you along. The commentary is witty and I particularly think Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis did the best job with the voice work, Bill Murray was funny but was a little more stifled and sluggish in his portrayal of Peter, but I found myself laughing at all the puns and banter that was very reminiscent of the original film. My six year old has never even seen the Ghostbusters film and enjoyed it, with my three year old watching us play the entire time.

The game is relatively short, but is incredibly fun to play two player as you both wrangle Ghosts together. This alone lets it keep its value if you have a bunch of friends and you enjoy teaming up to play the game together. I had a blast playing it and being a rookie Ghostbuster. Ghostbusters is highly recommended for a unique Wii game experience and for Ghostbuster fans.

-Justin Germino

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