Vacation Awaits

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Today is my much anticipated week long getaway in Cabo San Lucas with my wife. We are flying down for five day’s while her mother watches the kids. One of the things I look forward to most of all is having some alone time with my wife, where we can sleep in as late as we want and just be together without having to be parents all day and night at the same time.

There is something magical about a vacation getaway with your partner, something that takes you out of your ordinary day to day life and lets you experience relaxation, luxury and quality time together. Everyone should try to take at least a few little getaways per year, you don’t even need a lot of money.

If money is tight just find a relative or good friends who can babysit your kids at their place for the weekend, and stay home alone for the weekend. Cook each other meals, eat in bed and just snuggle and read books together. You don’t need to be lavish just to have a getaway and spend some quality time together.

-Justin Germino

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