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I wrote Dragon Bloggers Review of Pixar’s UP on my other site showcasing just how amazing this movie was, and this is a follow up post to tell you how this movie has touched me in more ways that many films ever could.  This movie shows you the end of the road particularly for couples who have been together for many years, and how it is inevitable that one will lose the other as you grow old together.  It is a movie that inspires you to make the most of your life that you have together now, so that you have such wonderful memories in the end.

It is a movie that also shows you that no matter how your lives end, it is the time spent together that matters most, even if you didn’t make alot of money, or take many vacations, the fact that you two have memories and experienced a life together are what matter most.  This movie ranks right up there in my heart with some other great films that explore love, loss and mortality including “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams, “Bi-Centennial Man” ironically also starring Robin Williams are two more amazing films that explore life and love, and how it reaches its conclusions.

I recommend Pixar’s up to any romantic out there and any couple looking to see a film, I left this film wanting to hold my wife’s hand tighter and for the movie to be “Us” in the end on how our life plays out together, I could only hope my own adventures and journeys in life end up with us being together in the end no matter what we have faced and conquered in our past.

-Justin Germino

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