Poetry Writing Madness

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So I have written 8 poems in the past two days in order to get make sure I have one unique poem written on my blog for every day I am on vacation next week, including 2 new poems for this weekend starting today.  This includes the random twitter poem I did yesterday and the poem I wrote for an assignment.

This has left me with limited time to get blog posts done for all of my other blogs, as I strive to have 1 unique blog post on all 3 of my blogs for each day I am on vacationing.  This means I had to write 28 posts in a span of seven days, which was incredibly difficult, especially to write quality posts instead of just filler posts.

Alas, my fingers are getting sore from typing too much.  Meanwhile, I have a few more posts to write for my technology blog this weekend, then I can vacation in peace knowing my readers have some unique material to read while I soak up the sun in Cabo starting Monday.

-Justin Germino

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