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There is something happening that is becoming quite contagious, as I continue to do my random twitter poem daily, I am getting new people I have never heard from or met before contacting me on Twitter or my blog telling me how inventive and creative my poetry is, and people actually enjoy participating in my daily twitter poetry games as much as I enjoy writing them.  I have a list of ten to twelve people who are my consistant players, in that they play 3 or more days per week on average.  But each day I have one or two players who have never played before and many of them are coming back and playing again as they find the game interesting.

The game works like this, send me 1 random word on twitter @dragonblogger, and I will put it into the queue for a poem, on my lunch break I write a poem including all words submitted over the morning or some from the previous day that were submitted too late.  I often create some very unique poems with some very crafty words, some people give me hard words on purposes, other easy words.  You never know what I will come up with, some of it is liked, other poems not so much, but you can’t say I am not creative.

Part of the fun is hearing from and meeting new people who claim to be my latest fans, I enjoy and look forward to more twitter poems and having created over 120+ unique poems in the last six months, I intend to keep this game going.

-Justin Germino

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