Bizarre Animal Facts – Liger is a Real Cat Species

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I like doing trivia questions as an ice breaker for my meeting, so I was researching animal trivia when I discovered there really is such a cat called the Liger.  Correction: It is a cross bred male Lion with a female tiger, and they produce fertile offspring.  It is also the largest cat species in existence and is larger even than the sabre tooth tiger.  The largest living cat on earth is a Liger named Hercules who lives in Miami Florida with his trainer and weighs just over 900 pounds.  The largest Liger on record in history according to the Guinness Book of world record weighed over 1700 pounds and lived to be eighteen years old in 1888.

Here is a picture of Hercules the Liger, I swear I didn’t believe it, but just look up Wiki Liger and you will be able to read all about this interesting species of cat that resulted from Tigers mating with Lions, this is not a genetic experiment or a bizarre trick, Ligers were dated back to the 1700’s and have existed for quite some time.


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