Urgent Care Diagnosis and Treatment

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I finally had enough and after being sick for 9 days I went to Urgent Care yesterday where they found my sinuses, ear and throat were infected.  Antibiotics and steroid nasal spray were the prescription though they said Advil Cold and Sinus worked as good as any prescription decongestant and said stick with that.  Meanwhile I am hoping this works quickly, as I woke up early this morning with my entire right ear canal feeling plugged and a constant hissing/ringing in my right ear.  It is distracting to have total silence yet hear this static like feedback in your ear and this can only mean the infection is up against my ear drum.

My blogs are pretty much on auto pilot the last several days as I am too sick to stay up at night and write articles or do much promotion, I also am distraught at the amount of work I have to do at my day job and yet I am feeling so lousy it is hard for me to drive the projects I need to drive.

To make matters worse, my poor wife just came down with the beginning stages which start with a severe throat infection yesterday and she woke up already with infected sinuses.  It is really hard when both parents are out of commission and sick at the same time, the kids and house still need to be taken care of and all you feel like doing is resting in bed and moaning all day.

Here to a speedy recovery for my wife.

-Justin Germino

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