What Do You Do When Offered Money For Backlinks?

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I do offer selling backlinks on my blogs for a reasonable fee, but recently when an advertiser offered me $250 for 5 backlinks on two of my blogs I had to stop and seriously consider the offer before rejecting it.

It isn’t that the backlinks were particularly bad keywords, it was that the advertiser wanted backlinks for 5 years, and wanted to pay $250 for 10 backlinks total (5 on two blogs) for this length of time.  Weighing in the fact that this equates to about .41 cents per backlink per month I just couldn’t accept the offer even though it was a decent up front payment.

This also includes the fact that putting in 5 dofollow backlinks on the homepage of any site is likely to damage your PageRank as you seep it out to the links you put in.

Depending on the PageRank of your own sites and whether you sell backlinks from your homepage or not you could make some decent money on the side, PR6 or higher blogs can earn between $50 per month or higher for such a backlink.

When selling backlinks on your blog homepage note that you can make some decent earnings if your site has a PR4 or greater just be sure to screen the keywords requested and target URL’s to make sure that they don’t risk hurting your own PageRank from hosting them.

I would also not sell backlinks on your site for greater than 12 month intervals at a time, as sites fluctuate too much and some sites go up and down in that amount of time.  In the fast pace internet game, too much can change in a year or more to commit to such a long term advertisement in my opinion.

-Justin Germino

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