Engineered Bacteria Creates Art

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By modifying bacteria in a lab, Christopher Voight’s photographic bacteria were able to make an artistic impression. Light sensing and communication genes were injected into the bacteria so that when light was shone on the bacteria in petri dish, they were coaxed into forming pencil like outlines of any projected image, in the Popular Science article Alfred Hitchcock was used for an example.

I really enjoyed Christopher Voigt’s quote in the Popular Science article that said “We don’t care how biology works normally, we want to get it to do unnatural things for us”. Biology condition to do unnatural things, that is a scary thought and quite Sci-Fi.

The biggest thing about genetically modifying bacteria by adding more advanced genes, is that the bacteria might eventually be manipulated to find and destroy cancer cells, taught on how to craft the perfect wine or cheese and help coax human cells to grow into organs. This is an interesting prospect and only shows that genetic manipulation may still hold as much potential in developing cures and applications a stem cell therapy.

-Justin Germino

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