Unexpected Holiday Damages

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On Sunday we decided to get an early start to the holiday season by emptying out the entire garage and sorting through two dozen Christmas decorations creates and testing lights to make sure all would be in proper order for the upcoming weekends. My wife wanted to get her part done early, she is the one who climbs the extension ladder to get on the 2nd story roof and hang the top pitch icicle lights. There are a few reasons why I don’t do this and the biggest is my acrophobia, I can’t tolerate being at heights higher than about 5 feet and can barely climb a ladder ten feet or higher without becoming shaky. Combine this with the fact that we have Spanish tile roof shingles which can crack and fracture at the support of my weight on them also deters me from climbing on the roof even if I were more courageous.

As my wife was stringing up the first set of lights the corner Spanish tile on our 2nd story roof was so loose from previous wind storms that it tumbled off and shattered a tile on the lower roof under it. This unfortunately now leaves me scrambling to find a roofer who can repair the broken tiles and get it fixed at a decent price so as not to impact my holiday budget too much. Unforeseen household expenses continue to win battles in what I feel is a losing war of bad luck.

I am just really glad that my wife wasn’t stepping on the tile and it wasn’t supporting her weight when it gave way, it is dangerous putting up Christmas lights I may have to start paying someone to put them up in the future.

-Justin Germino

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