Hero Dog Killed Accidentally Here in Pinal County

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I was saddened when I saw the mishap in the local news about the hero dog rescued from Afghanistan and brought back here in the U.S. that was put down by the pound as a result of employee error. You can read more about the story here, but in summary the dog whose name was Target had helped a company of soldiers avoid potential disaster at the hands of a suicide bomber escaped from the gate of their home and a neighbor found the animal and turned it into Pinal County Animal control.

Target Dog Hero

Photo: Puppy Rescue Mission

An employee at animal control failed to follow proper procedure and euthanized the wrong dog the morning the dog was supposed to be picked up by the owners. This is a tragic tale of a family losing their pet to negligence and this kind of stuff happens all the time and with people in medical procedures not just pets. There needs to be more accountability and better policies and procedures in so many fields, especially ones where medical practices (human or pet) are at stake.

Unfortunately, this happened in the same county I live in so the local news had a field day and the county is in more papers and having more media attention (negative) than usual as a result.

-Justin Germino

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