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For the first time I actually purchased a complete game with the digital download and within an hour I had my full version of Kings Bounty:Crossworlds and was playing it on my PC.  This included the activation key, 2GB full version of the game and everything.  The only thing I found was the installer defaulted to C:\ drive and I must have missed where you tell it to install to another drive or else it always uses C:\ by default.

One thing about the Digital Download service is that some of the older games are cheaper if you buy them as physical products, I saw some older games that were $6 – $12 dollars if you bought the game but it was still priced at $24.99 or $29.99 for the digital download.  This makes no sense and needs to adjust their digital download price to match the price of the game if it is purchased brand new in box from  I mean sure some 3rd party retailers or used sales are much cheaper, but own offering shouldn’t make it more expensive to download and purchase the game than to pay for the full box.

I still would like to see more discounts for digital downloads of games, maybe a good $5-$10 cheaper than the full versions.  I would rather get digital downloads of my games as I can play them sooner and I don’t need to keep collecting game boxes, manuals and such on my shelves.

Has anyone else used the Amazon Digital Download service to make purchases?  What was your experience with it?

-Justin Germino

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