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When BlogEngage announced a while ago that they are offering paid subscriptions which automate your blog posts into the BlogEngage directory I decided to be among the first bloggers to sign for the service and give it a whirl.  I opted to test out with the Bronze Membership for $1.99 per month which scans your blog every 8 hours and auto submits 1 post per 8 hours to the General Blogging category.  So far the service has saved me about an hour of time per month.  This assumes it takes 2 minutes for you to manually type in the title, summary, keywords and click submit of one article per day to BlogEngage.  So really is $1.99 worth saving me an hour of my time?

The answer is yes because in addition to that one hour, I get about 150-200 visitors from BlogEngage on any given month and this also equates to only about 1 – 1.5 cents per visit which is cheaper than any AdWords purchases.  I also know that as BlogEngage keeps growing (it is already a 10k Alexa rating and averages over 2,000 pageviews per day) the number of visits to my own site will also go up in proportion which means the click through rate is even cheaper.

Now, I do run 3 blogs and now that I have a multi author blog I may consider upgrading to a higher monthly account in the future where I can submit my blog to more categories and read in more feeds at every three hours or hour depending on how many posts per day get published to my blogs.

Digg supports RSS feed integration automatically and my blog is submitted there, however I consistently get more visits, comments and higher quality visitors from BlogEngage, blog engage visitors are mostly other bloggers and they know and respect the value of building relationships and engaging in communication with bloggers.

So as it stands right now, I think the BlogEngage automatic RSS Syndication is providing me value and saving me money and time that could be better spending engaging in writing more articles or doing other social media promotion for my technology blog.

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