Waiting for First Amazon Affiliate Payout

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I realized after finally reaching the $12 or so mark on Amazon affiliate earnings this year that I hadn’t specified a payment system at all to collect my earnings, I decided to accept my earnings in the form of an Amazon.com coupon since nearly all of my Amazon affiliate earnings come from my personal blog ID and they pay you in $10 increments without any wait or fee like when you select a check from them.

Sure, I could allow them to direct deposit into my bank account but I don’t have any of my blogging accounts in anything but PayPal so the effort to move the money from the bank to Paypal isn’t worth the time. Instead with the coupon I tend to buy products from Amazon.com fairly regularly anyway and I might get the coupon in time to use it before the holiday shopping starts. I know last year I bought about 70% of all gifts through Amazon.com and it was a busy week for UPS and package delivery at my house as I had all products shipped as they were available rather than in one bundle so many shipments arrived.

Overall, I stick with Amazon affiliate because I think it has potential as my sites grow to bring some passive income, I haven’t had too much success at it with $8 in one month on 4 affiliate sales being the most success to date. I am considering hitching a “best products” or “top picks” kind of Amazon.com store off of my but at this time I just don’t have the space or traffic to where I think it would be a huge hit.

I have seen some bloggers and sites claim to earn hundreds or thousands per month from affiliate selling on Amazon.com and can only dream I would have that potential earnings with my own sites someday.

-Justin Germino

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