Twitter Survey for Two Way Communication

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I have always valued doing some surveys and random polling on Twitter to help get insight to what my followers think about products, services, places or even opinions on news articles.  Recently I was curious to know what products or services people truly considered their best purchases in 2010 and started by sending out the following tweet last week.


To my honest dismay I didn’t get a single response and the whole survey question wound up blowing up in my face.  I repeated the query more than one time and realized that Twitter doesn’t appear to be the best medium for surveys.  I ran a similar test asking help on something and I received answers very rapidly, so it would seem that at least my following will help answer questions to those who need them, but are less inclined to answer a survey.  That or people just aren’t interested in sharing what products they purchased, or the survey itself seemed a little "promotional" or something.

This had me thinking about some other factors about my Twitter network, and I had some good idea’s for upcoming blog posts about blog audience versus your Twitter or Facebook audience and how to leverage them both effectively and differently.

-Justin Germino

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