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Two articles on the same day last week from The Associated Press related to nuts, specifically almonds and pecans and I garnered lots of new information from both stories.

California Almonds

The first story around Almonds was about the California Almond harvest about to set a new record.  Did you know that Almonds are now California’s number one export crop?  California is the #1 exporter of almonds in the world and the recent harvest is expected to be more than 1.65 billion pounds of almonds.  That is 1.65 BILLION pounds people!

California has seen 8x increase in exports of Almonds to China and a 2x increase in exports to India and Pakistan.  At a price of around $2.80 per pound we are looking at over $3.2 billion dollars of export just for this crop alone.

New Mexico Pecans

In the second story from the Associated Press, this one centered around increasing reports of Pecan thefts in New Mexico from both private and government properties.  Pecans have been running between $3.75 and $4 per pound and criminals have taken to knocking and stealing nuts right off the trees to sell and profit from.  Imagine having crooks hitting your tree’s with broom sticks and stealing your nuts at night to sell and profit from.  They have also been doing it to pecan trees in public parks and reservations.

Some have been known to harvest fallen pecans on the ground, but for those who will invade private property to steal nuts from trees police are doing more routine patrols and recommend surveillance equipment around pecan orchards.

-Justin Germino

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