Had a Blast with Razer at Martini Ranch on Friday

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Razer one of our favorite local AZ Rock Band played at Martini Ranch this weekend at the Whiskey Six CD release.  It was great to see the guys on stage and even though most of them were recovering from some sort of cold or lung infection they managed to shrug it off and rock a set.  Martini Ranch which was one of the most frequented live music venues over the past two years showed signs of slowing economy as the crowd was thinner than I had ever seen it on a Friday night and they priced drinks even higher than they used to be.  I went through my change pretty fast at $5 a bud light and $5 a diet red bull, seriously no wonder people are starting to reduce attendance at Scottsdale venue’s, their drinks are overpriced and even a lower $5 cover charge isn’t gonna entice people to come out when paying that much for drinks.

One member of our crowd was ordering beer’s and wasn’t leaving tips and the waitress refused to serve him anymore until he tipped them, because they work off of tips.  Things are getting a bit iffy over there from my experience on Friday night.


It was great to see Dave Henzerling and the Trailer Park Band too kick back and close out the show, but it is a heck of a drive from Scottsdale to Casa Grande at 2am when your eyes can barely stay open on 55 minutes of I-10 freeway.

-Justin Germino

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