Spike in AdSense an Anomaly?

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So imagine my surprise when I see a single day AdSense earning spike up to $24 for a single day which is around 10x my normal daily AdSense earnings.


This causes me to do some serious investigation because I want to know how it happened and how I can someone leverage or repeat such a wonderful event.

This is where creating custom channels on AdSense for each of your ad blocks are imperative, so that you can find which blocks perform and which blocks don’t.  I was able to track on DragonBlogger.com that my bottom of post 350×200 banner had 2 clicks at a $10.00 per click rate.  So I am not sure what post those clicks were on, or what the keyword or ad target was because this isn’t shown in AdSense but the extremely high CPC rate was the reason for this earning anomaly.

Regardless of my one day anomaly, my AdSense earnings have been steadily increasing since October 2010 and for the first time I was able to bring in more than $100 from AdSense in a single month with most of the earnings coming from my technology blog.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: February 1, 2011 — 8:00 am