The Cape: Dice

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I have been watching the NBC Series The Cape since it first aired on January 9th and think the show has been getting better with each episode.  In the latest episode of The Cape titled Dice the show introduces a girl played by Mena Suvari who is gifted with the ability to see probabilities and outcomes giving her an ability to predict the future with incredible accuracy.  As a young girl she tells Peter Fleming that he will kill her father and that she will kill him as well.


Fast forward 10 years later and sure enough, Dice has returned with the intention to kill Peter Fleming the head of Ark corporation and also who is Chess the arch villain for our hero Vince Faraday (who is The Cape).

The episode is engaging as Dice and Chess have a cat and mouse game baiting each other while Dice is apparently unable to predict the outcome of Vince interrupting her plans as he saves Peter’s life twice in this episode and hates himself for it.

I like the dilemma the show has put on Vince the past few episodes as he has become more confident but still lacks experience with mastering the cape and all of its abilities.  Also it would seem that killing Peter wouldn’t bring him justice and allow him to get his name cleared until he can prove and publicly show that Peter is Chess.

Next week we see what appears to be an assassin hired to learn about The Cape and dispose of him, the previews look interesting as someone finally discovers who The Cape is besides Vince’s close network of carnival misfits and Orwell who is his eyes and ears around Palm City.

-Justin Germino

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