Twitter Is Compelling

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I find myself spending what was formerly Entrecard Drop time on twitter instead talking and socializing with so many people I don’t know, but just by sharing in conversations and being able to discuss articles, news or opinions on things is just so much fun.  I am rapidly approaching 1300 followers now and my account @dragonblogger is becoming more popular from my random twitter poetry and sharing my blogging and tech information as I come across it.

I have even been earning a little income from twitter by using some CPC programs that I occasionally drop in and collect some change, this is by no means alot, but I am not obvious either.  I don’t believe in spam and I only plug something that I believe in myself so it works for me.  Eventually I think it will be feasable to bring in at least 10 to 20 dollars a month just from doing my normal twitter activity, that may not sound like a lot but that is the equiv of 4 paid blogging posts and is more than my adsense earnings.

Twitter is just fun and it compells you to have conversations with people and be part of a bigger online social network and universe, I just enjoy the communication but I have to ration my time wisely as it is eating into my blogging time and taking away from my ability to create articles for my 4 blogs plus Associated Content.

-Justin Germino

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