Justin Germino’s Top Ten Sting Songs

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I have been following the musician Sting my whole life and have been listening to his music since I was five years old and he was in The Police.  Below are my favorite top ten Sting songs from his solo career and not including any tracks when he was with The Police.

10.  We Work The Black Seam from the Dream of the Blue Turtles album is about the people building nuclear weapons would contribute to the destruction of the world and environment, it is a worthy Earth Day song many many years after it was written and produced.

9.  Fortress Around Your Heart also from the Dream of the Blue Turtles album written about the turmoil of a relationship and was written by Sting about his failed first marriage.

8. Fragile from the album Nothing Like The Sun is about how we as human beings are simply fragile.  A song that should make us reflect and thing how small we are in this universe.

7. Seven Days from Ten Summoners Tales is a song about someone who wants to pursue the love of his life but is afraid to face a suitor and keeps procrastinating until its too late.

6. Saint Augustine in Hell from Ten Summoners Tales is a song about rivalry when a man falls in love with his best friends girl, is he destined to go to hell?  With imagery and fire, and even jesting against music critics this song has soul.

5. Inside from Sacred Love album is such a great lyrical song with profound meaning about someone seeking love and recovering from hurt and pain on the inside.  It is a song that touches pain, sorrow, love and rebirth and is seeking something.

4. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You from the album Ten Summoner’s Tales is one of the best love songs I have ever listened to about someone who proclaims to not have any faith in science or religion but only faith in his love.

3.  The Soul Cages the title track of the Album Soul Cages is one of the heaviest rock songs Sting has ever done in a solo album, it combines strong electric guitar riffs with song lyrics that talk about a fisherman’s son playing a game with the devil in order to free his father’s soul.

2.   Hounds of Winter from Mercury Falling album is a sad song about someone being lonely after being apart from the one they love.

1.  The Book of My Life from Sacred Love album is my favorite Sting song this year, its blend of Indian instruments and almost surreal sound combined with the smooth tone and storyline about how someones life is laid out like the pages of a book just resonates with me so poetically.

I know my favorite Sting songs may not be the “Chart” favorites, but these are the ones that resonate and make my top ten lists, I wonder what some other Sting fans have to say about their favorite songs?

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