Dish Network Problems

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For two months now I have been having a few issues with my Dish Network receivers, two of them in my house have periodic outages where some of the channels will display an error message about problem with your multifunction dish receiver. I notice that sometimes channels 150+ are out, and other times the lower channels 61 and under are out.

It happened ever since DISH Network sent out upgrade smart cards to insert into the devices, though it shouldn’t be related I would think. My main DVR Receiver never exhibits this issue at all, only the non-DVR receivers in my other two rooms have the issue. A technician came out and replaced every jack in the house and worked on the bridge but that same afternoon the problem resurfaced.

Now they are set to come out again this morning, it’s not like I want to look for wholesale electronics on my own and order new parts for my DISH Receiver. I will wait for the DISH Network technician to arrive and hopefully the issue will be fixed finally.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: April 23, 2009 — 7:20 pm