Get More Twitter Followers…Really?

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Found it very funny when searching on Google Instant and seeing the results for “Get More” and Twitter followers are the first two results displayed.  I found this trend ironic because I know facebook fan pages, more blog traffic, website traffic, and any other number of terms with “get more” could be equally as popular searches.

I myself wanted to increase my Twitter following and was leveraging the previously excellent ReFollow tool before it became a paid tool mostly shut down until they get funding to put in new servers.  I really have no methodology anymore to finding Twitter users and expanding my network.  I tend to use Twellow or some other service to find users in similar technology, blogging and poetry categories and I follow and add people to lists who interest me or write about things that interest me, but this isn’t really a method for building followers of my own account.  Retweets and writing articles are really only a good way of broadcasting to your own audience, I am finding few “new” people are responding to me lately though there have been some new Twitter folks joining my Random Twitter Poetry game.

I am not interested in followers for the #, it is meaningless to have 20k bot accounts or spam accounts following you, you need to have interaction with readers.  I want feedback on my items and want people in like categories to request my feedback on their stuff as well.  Two way conversations can be interesting and provide useful information, like when I ask for a software recommendation, or WordPress plugin tip….etc.  I tend to not chat politics on Twitter, but use it as more of a networking resource for learning new information or finding interesting articles, though I do use it to indulge my Random Twitter Poetry game and enjoy connecting with writers and poetry fans who participate and enjoy reading what I come up with.

So if there is a really good way to get followers that are meaningful then I haven’t found it, my guess would be to publish content and then have your content promoted by others then if someone reads your content and you make a “Follow Me” button more easily accessible you might end up getting waves of followers.  I have seen services like Fiverr, SponsoredTweets, MyLikes and many other programs where you can pay a flat rate or CPC to try and get social media promotion, but I think this isn’t a good return on investment unless you are trying to sell or market a product.  Followers for Followers sake is probably not something you should be seeking so vehemently, or chances are you are doing it for the wrong reason?

-Justin Germino

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