Taking Down Decorations

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Time to take down the Christmas Decorations today, as this is the only day available for me to get around to it. I just spent New Years Eve in Las Vegas ringing in the New Year and returned on New Years Day, next weekend my wife and I will be setting up our J&S Travel booth at the Phoenix Bridal Show and won’t be able to get to decorations then so today is the day. I always have the intention to put away the Xmas lights in a better and more organized fashion but when I get around to the work I just shove stuff away in crates as fast as possible so it can be done with and over.

The good thing about the work is the electricity bill can now drop by $100 because it was costing quite a bit to run these lights and floats about 12-13 hours a night (5pm – 6am) for the past thirty days or so. Christmas came and went so fast this year and we were so busy in the weeks leading up, now it is gone and nearly forgotten while everyone gets back to the “routine” of the rest of the year.

I really could use a couple of slow weeks to just sleep in some extra time and relax, I am clearly not taking enough vacations or don’t have enough vacation time lately.

-Justin Germino

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