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Officially J&S Travel Love Your Vacation kicks off in 2011 and I am happy to say that my wife and I are in business together “officially” with both of our names slapped on the company.  Rather than going at 2 separate independent ventures I have my own three blogs and she had her own three blogs plus music production company, we are now focusing on building out her full time and my part time travel agency. was the DNS name we decided on for the website, while the company name is J&S Travel which is trademarked in Arizona by my wife.

In addition to providing travel booking, information and planning for clients the website features a full WordPress travel blog that will include travel information, tips, vacation specials and destination information.  My wife and I will both write articles for the site but most of the day to day planning and booking will be handled by her.  She has been working closely with KHM Travel which is our parent group we work for to make sure everything is set and all systems are ready.

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What I was surprised by learning about the travel agency business is how it isn’t really more expensive to use a Travel Agent and in fact really can save you money, vendors or companies pay travel agents a commission that comes out of their profits and does not affect the general price.  Example, if a cruise costs $1,500 then you pay $1,500 if you book it directly and cruise keeps 100% of the money paid, but if you book through a travel agent you can get additional discounts given to travel agents as promotions and the cruise costs no more just the cruise line itself has to pay a % of that sale to the travel agent.  So ultimately travel agents are able to get free onboard credit, last minute specials and other deals that are only promoted through travel agencies and not directly on the companies websites.

Our business will specialize in cruises as between my wife and I we have taken more than 1/2 dozen cruise from Mexico to the Caribbean and plan on taking a European cruise later in the year possibly.  Cruises we feel are the best bang for the buck vacation offering inclusive food, unique destinations and activities and adventures.  They make cruises for families, couples and even singles looking to mingle and have a little fun.  Though we are specializing in cruises we are able to help you create any type of vacation from a simple two day getaway to Sedona, Arizona to a full week long stay in Hawaii.  We can accomodate virtually any budget and help you create the perfect vacation.

My wife wrote a really good article on why use a travel agent which helps clarify the benefits and securities that people get when booking through a known and trusted agent rather than an anonymous online system.  You get personalized support and everything you need in one place with a dedicated support person who can handle everything from your flights, hotel or even activities you have booked.  Travel Agents are ideal for helping you plan a vacation when you aren’t sure what you want to do, or want to explore some things you haven’t thought of.

So welcome J&S Travel Agency to the business and wish us success in carving out our own space in Casa Grande, Arizona and Online.  Our first big event will be a booth setup at the Phoenix Bridal Show January 7th and 8th where we have put together special packages and information for Honeymoons or vow renewals.

What a great way to start of 2011 with a new business venture with my wife!

Happy 2011 Everyone!

-Justin Germino

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