Reflections on the Year

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One thing I have done as a mental tradition is spend the last day of the year reflecting on all events and items in the previously departing year that were noteworthy.  I like to remember my failures, achievements and even the things I could have, should have or would have done had I one reason or another.  Self discovery is key to making sure you can adapt and change behaviors you find undesirable or in some cases downright negative while it also allows you to capitalize and revel in the successes and joys experienced as well.

I always strive to be a better and more patient parent, far too often I find myself frustrated by things that really shouldn’t get a rise out of me and won’t matter ten years from now.  Ironically I was watching Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts earlier in the week and there was one scene in Bali where a character informed Julia Robert’s character that you control your thoughts like any other action you take.  Control what you allow your mind to think, focus your thoughts so that ineffective or wasted thoughts are purged before you ever bring them to light.  This is one thing that stuck with me and I wonder how much more efficient and happy I can be if I can better control my thoughts and prevent my thoughts around worry, stress.  This is something I am going to try focusing on in 2011 and learn to better control unwanted thoughts.

It isn’t like I have bad thoughts or anything, mostly my problem is that my mind is always racing.  I have too many thoughts all the time, and I can barely keep focused on one thing while other thoughts and ideas are bouncing in my head.  I don’t like going to sleep at night thinking about all the work I have to do or catch up on for my day job while at the same time stressing about how many posts I have for my blog this week and wondering how to tweak AdSense or another part of my site to try and squeeze out a little more earnings performance.  It is a good thing I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere and anytime, because if it wasn’t for my ease of falling asleep I would think my thoughts would prevent sleep altogether.

Anyway, here is to controlling thoughts and better being able to balance ones mind in the new year.

-Justin Germino

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