Snacking Habits to Kick

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Ironically when I am working at my home office I don’t really snack that much though I eat my breakfast which usually consists of oatmeal or a cereal bar and lunch at my desk.  My snacks tend to involve an occasional snack bar, fruit, small bowl of chips or random item found in the pantry.  Lately my favorite snack is the Wasabi Cashew nuts that I received as a gift for Christmas, I only see these a few times a year and they are a pleasure/pain relationship with my mouth as each nut causes an intense Wasabi burn before giving way to the cashew nut flavor.

My biggest vise is however snacking late night while watching TV or movies which is done almost every single night of the week, for some reason I tend to crave food and though I don’t eat sweets the type of snacks I eat are far worse in other ways.  My snacking more often than not involves cheeses or Italian meats like Salami, Pepperoni and there is no shortage of Boars Head products in my fridge I can tell you that.

This is probably my biggest habit I need to break in the new year, as it isn’t good for me from a health perspective.  The food is certainly to lead to heart problems and though I haven’t gained a lot of weight it has caused me to gain some of the weight I lost two years ago back.  What I need to do is find and choose healthier snacks to satisfy my cravings and I tried this with celery, fruit and other healthier choices but man nothing can stop when you have a fix for Pepperoni and some Muenster cheese.

Anyway, like so very many people out there I am trapped with the snacking dilemma and trying to find a means of solving it.

-Justin Germino

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