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I have always been bad about saving receipts from grocery stores and often just toss them in the trash after entering the money spent into my budget, this always comes back to bite me when a grocery item turns out to be spoiled or something wrong and I need to go and return it for a replacement or a refund.  An example was on Christmas Eve where my wife and I had purchased a 30 count platter of frozen tiger shrimp cocktail on Tuesday of last week only to find out on Christmas Eve that the shrimp smelled very fishy and the whole platter was inedible.

Fortunately when I contacted Fry’s Marketplace they told me to bring the platter back and they would refund or exchange it without a receipt, but in the end I should be better about keeping my receipts.  Fry’s Marketplace has always been good about returns and refunds however and as long as I have the product to show them, I have been able to get refunded.  I was trying to spare them of bringing in stinky shrimp and when I brought it up to the customer service counter they took one whiff and proceeded to have it discarded.  I grabbed a replacement and thawed it out as fast as possible and it was ready for the Christmas Eve dinner.

Overall, I haven’t had too many problems with precooked frozen seafood from Fry’s Marketplace, I tend to find their precooked frozen fish of higher quality than Walmart but either way in Arizona you aren’t getting fresh seafood unless you are paying  a very high premium at a place that fly’s it in fresh or offers flash frozen straight from the ocean.  AJ’s Fine Foods has the best fresh seafood in all of Arizona in my opinion and generally if I need Lobster, Crab or seafood of the highest quality I pay the premium and drive down to Ahwatukee to purchase it there.

-Justin Germino

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