Finding Some New Content with Roku and Netflix

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I must say that the Netflix streaming is pretty awesome and combined with my Roku box I am able to find content for my family that I would never have even thought to look for. For instance, the other night my kids and I found the Dragon Hunters European cartoon which was based on the French 3D animated film. It reminded me of Dave the Barbarian a little bit, but slightly more serious and my kids and I enjoyed watching the first few episodes.

The real treasure was when I stumbled across Jim Henson’s The Storyteller last week, it was like a Jim Henson version of Tales from the Crypt with stories/fables using puppets as creatures. So reminded me of the movie Labyrinth and I forgot just how much I liked Jim Henson related material. Unfortunately there were only 8 or 9 episodes made, but the story teller himself is real convincing and it feels like you are watching a Dungeon Master weave an RPG story before your eyes in some of the tales. Of course the puppets are cheesy by today’s standards, but the 1987 series is still quite a bit of fun to watch.

I have seen a ton of more Japanese Anime content hit Netflix as of late and in fact, so much of it I hadn’t heard of before. There really is far more shows and content to watch than I could ever have time for, but hey when I have down time and all my TV shows are in re-runs, Netflix and Roku will never leave me thinking there is nothing to watch, there is always something to find and watch.

I did a review on the Roku XDS and how to find private roku channels on my technology blog for those who are thinking about picking one up.

-Justin Germino

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