Twitter Etiquette?

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It is ironic that it is still considered vulgar and inappropriate to swear in the corporate work place, yet you will find social media riddled with vulgarity and it is often used in the workplace. Personally I think it is crude, crass and generally not professional, only entertainers, comedians or people who are in fields where swearing is common place gain more leniency in this area, but people looking for professionalism need to represent such on all of their social media profiles and sites.

Remember that like it or not employers are just as likely to look you up on social media sites as friends, and now that Social Media is indexed by Google, Leapfish, Bing…etc when someone does a search for you things that you say on social media sites will be listed in the search results. This could very well damage careers, reputations and more. When interacting with social media you should always put your best face forward, unless your profile is set to private and only a handful of people can actually see and communicate with you.

-Justin Germino

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