My Son Progresses To Straight A’s

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My son had entered a charter school called Legacy Charter School earlier this year which is more advanced than the public elementary schools around here in Casa Grande, Arizona. With first graders already working on 2nd grade math and my son being a tad younger then the rest of the students he was having some trouble early on with spelling, phonograms and mathematics and received C’s last report card in those subjects. So we decided to buckle down and work more closely with him, we test him every night on phonograms, spelling and math including giving him mock exams and pop quizzes. We made it a rule that no computer until weekend and computer games are only allowed if he received a minimum of a B in his Friday tests (he receives tests every Friday).

capThis method has worked and now he earned straight A’s in every single category with only getting slightly less than an A on his handwriting penmanship, which it isn’t that he can’t write well when he is slow and careful, he just writes too fast and his handwriting suffers. Heck his teacher would give me an Unsatisfactory in handwriting, so that isn’t a super important category in my book (who will write anyway by the time he is 18?).

I am so proud of my son who has worked so hard and at 6 years old spends almost an hour and a half each night doing his homework plus additional study, he virtually never complains and always does his work and does it well (if sometimes rushing). I hope these good homework and study habits will burn themselves into his personality and he will continue to have this dedication and work ethic as he gets older.

-Justin Germino

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