Innocent But Imprisoned for 35 years

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This man has spent 35 years in prison and was innocent the entire time.

James bain

In an article all over the news later last week about James Bain, a man who was convicted when he was 19 years old in Lake Wales, Fla of the rape of a 9 year old boy was cleared by DNA evidence after serving 35 years of his life behind bars. He is the now the longest person in prison who has been cleared by new DNA evidence, but what was more astonishing is his request for DNA testing was denied for several years before they finally approved a look at the evidence.

The fact that this man said on live Television that he has no anger toward his accusers, was not angry with law enforcement or anybody and just happy to get a life back was astonishing. Fortunately Florida is one of the states that compensates falsely accused prisoners, CNN reported that he would likely get $50,000 for each year he wrongfully served in prison, this would be a total of $1,750,000 dollars that he will likely be awarded from the state for the wrongful imprisonment. That plus hopefully he might get a book deal about his plight, maybe a movie deal and pickup some interview money and he might be able to at least have a chance at building a life for himself that was robbed from him.

Truth is, there are wrongful imprisonments, because it is a democratic system and guilt or innocence can be conjured and portrayed by an attorney, and sentence carried out by judge or jury that is presented the information and must make a decision this can happen. The system isn’t perfect, but its the best one we have.

I think there should be compensation in all states where a wrongfully imprisoned person is exonerated, I found out that Arizona does not compensate anyone (though they usually win with lawsuits against the state, city and/or law enforcement agencies at some point).

-Justin Germino

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