My New Favorite Dark Chocolate Bar

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I am normally not a big fan of chocolate and I rarely eat chocolate bars, when I do eat chocolate I prefer dark chocolate that is almost bitter rather than sugary sweet milk chocolate. Recently on a foray to Cost Plus World market, I was looking at some chocolate bars and picked up the Dark Chocolate Triple Berry bar, I could smell the raspberry through the wrapping paper and it smelled so rich I decided to buy it and give it a whirl. Now I have eaten Ghiradelli, Godiva and other gourmet chocolates, but when I tasted this chocolate I couldn’t believe how rich and gritty the flavor was. It was sweet, but also a little bitter and had a grainy texture like crushed raspberry seeds. The berry flavor was completely infused in the chocolate, not a filling like similar types of chocolate bars.


If you have a Cost Plus World market near you and you like Chocolate, I highly recommend giving this bar a try.


-Justin Germino

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