Twitter Addiction Or Poor Time Management

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You decide which I am suffering from now since I am heavily active on Twitter I find myself no longer finding time to queue extra blog posts, but I seem to be enjoying the conversations and playing my own Random Twitter Word poetry game on Twitter. So why is twitter so addicting you ask?

It allows you to just join any chat anytime anywhere and voice your point of view, opinion and joining conversations can be contagious. I also use it to ask questions and usually find pretty decent answers to my questions too. This type of tool is only furthering the connection of everyone in the world being in communication with each other at the same time.

Distance is meaningless in a free for all communication between the more than ten million people who are already using Twitter, and you can find new fans of the same things, friends, or even people living in your own neighborhood that you don’t know. By reading IZEA’s blog about funny random tweets, I found and followed somebody who only lived twenty miles away from me, what were the odds?

At least I found time to write this blog post, now back to my Random Twitter Poetry Game.

If you haven’t played, you should follow me (@dragonblogger) on Twitter, its a fun game where I craft an original poem including the random words provided to me on twitter.

-Justin Germino

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