Relationship Advice – Apologize With Class

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I am not perfect and no normal relationship doesn’t have the occasional discussion turned argument so when this happens to occur in your relationship and you realize things got a little overheated and words said that maybe were hurtful or emotions too strong and things blown out of proportion make sure you follow up with a true apology to ensure the healing process begins.

Remember, stubbornness has no place in a relationship it takes two people to bicker and fight and no matter which party is right or wrong both parties had a part to play in the argument. Don’t just spout a half hearted apology, if you feel you really should apologize then do it with some class.

It is not out of style to go out and buy your lover a dozen roses and a formal card to apologize, and doing this once and a while will really show that you meant your apology and are sincere. Don’t over do it or do it for every argument or the gesture will become less meaningful over time, but when you truly feel like a heel and want to show it then go the extra mile.

Most importantly remind your partner of how much they mean to you and that you both are only human and growing and learning is part of every relationship whether it be two months ago or twenty years ago that you both first got together.

Never take each other for granted and never just ignore a fight and move on without both coming together and realizing it was wrong, ignoring and never apologizing will lead to disconnected feelings and can very much hurt the relationship in short and long term.

-Justin Germino

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