Bullet Train In Arizona?

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I was reading in the CG Times magazine that it is being considered to build a 225mph high speed rail system between Phoenix and Tucson. This rail system would have an inside track and would take only 30 minutes to transport people between the cities instead of the two hour drive that exists now.

The outside rails would take an hour but make stops in Casa Grande and Eloy. With a proposed electric rental car at each station this is a promising alternative for people to commute between the cities and to make things even more green, this entire rail system is intended to be Solar Powered. With power collected during the day stored to power the rail at night.

I for one am for bullet train systems between cities, I thing efficient mass transit systems will reduce emissions and get people more active. Coming from NY where I bused, or rode a train everywhere, my family didn’t even own a car until I was 15 because you can get everywhere via mass transit.

I wish they would make a bullet train route between Phoenix and San Diego, I would go at least once a month if it only took 2 hours instead of 5 hours to get there. That would save me almost as much money as a free stay at a hotel by not spending so much on gas.

-Justin Germino

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