Mean Elderly People Suck

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Seriously how many times are we told to respect our elder generation yet it would seem the latest crop of elderly have absolutely no tolerance for children anymore. I mean back in the olden days I understand that families would not eat at restaurants, only adults would eat at typical dining establishments.

But now there are “Family Friendly” restaurants like all the major chains, not fine dining establishments, these restaurants cater to children with crayons, kids menu’s and the like. So why is it whenever I am out sometimes and my two year old and five year old are being kids, I get the nasty looks and backhanded comments?

Really do you know any two year olds who don’t climb under the table and back up between booths to alternate between sitting next to mommy and daddy? Do you know any five year olds who don’t talk excitedly and want to show you what they draw all the time? I find there are two types of elderly people, those who love children and little ones remind them of their grandkids, and then those who detest children acting like they are a disease or blight on human kind.

These people really need to start looking at colon cleanse reviews and get the bugs out of their bums.

-Justin Germino

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