I Now Have Cold Hands

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handsI used to be known for always having warm hands and my wife would be cold and always would come up to me and use my hands to warm her own cold hands in the winter and at night. Unfortunately over the past two years I have developed the exact opposite where my hands are perpetually cold now and I can’t say I am not disappointed.

I since did some research about the subject and read that there are several reasons for people to have cold hands, these can include caffeine intake, anxiety, stress and other mental issues or intake of chemicals that can constrict blood vessels, but I haven’t changed my caffeine pattern in two years. The symptom fits my weight loss and working out regimen.

I have lost around fifty pounds in two years and with it some body heat was lost as a result, in addition with working out particularly when you use weights and hand grips you can develop your muscles in your wrist which will expand and can contract the blood vessels in your wrist which reduces the blood flow into the hands. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I should have looked for best diet pills instead of losing weight through exercise.

While this doesn’t cause any significant long term problems that I am aware of, it does have the side effect of less blood flow to the hands which leads to cold hands. Now I always have to think about my cold hands before touching my wife’s shoulder, arm or hands and I often run them under hot water, or heat them up by holding a hot cup of tea.

Kind of a shame, I miss my warm hands.

-Justin Germino

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