Tweetdeck Desktop App Hanging Like Crazy

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I don’t know if it is something to do with my PC, Internet or Twitter but my Tweetdeck Desktop application which generally only froze like 1-2 times per day not gets stuck and hung every 5-10 minutes.  Nearly every time I click on the app it just freezes and when I try to type a tweet in the compose box, it types about 3 words then freezes and plays catchup a few moments later.  I don’t know if the problems started after I added my 5th account and another column.  I wonder if some searches I left on server but don’t have as columns maybe causing delays but the app is almost unusable lately and I may have to switch to Hootsuite once and for all if I can re-train myself to use the Hootsuite window.

I just still wish Hootsuite had 2 basic functions that prevent me from using it as easily as Tweetdeck and I have echoed these before.

#1 -  Hootsuite needs to have the ability to "reply all" or be able to click reply on more than 1 person and concatonate the replies so you can have more than 1 user in the reply.  Something like "@dragonblogger @poemwatch @technotree Thanks for all your support guys!" would be good, and Tweetdeck has both a Reply All option and the ability to click on reply on more than 1 person and have them add to the same tweet.

#2 – Column clearing is important to me, I often lose track of conversations and information presented to me and like to have my columns "clear" when I am done reading them.  I do this for my custom lists and replies/direct messages obviously not for my All Friends feed which would update too often.  So that way if I see a new message I know it is something I haven’t responded to yet.  Hootsuite could simply add a "clear column" feature to it’s website, I don’t know how easy it is, but it would be preferable to the update that acts like a divider bar and just shows new tweets above the existing ones if you scroll up.

I do however like that Hootsuite lets you setup separate tabs for accounts, so you can have all your Twitter profiles on separate tabs instead of all on the same tab.  Or you could combine them and maybe have all replies on one tab, lists on another, direct messages on another…etc.  The flexibility is fantastic.

Even though I have Hootsuite converted to a desktop application I still try to use Tweetdeck more just because it is what I started with and the two features I listed above are very beneficial to me.  I am however frustrated with all the application lockups and may give it up for good soon.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: June 18, 2011 — 8:00 am